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COVID-19 has disrupted our lives and placed many in a lock-down or shelter-in-place mode. 

Melanoma is on the rise with now two deaths per hour in the USA!

DermDetect offers a simple safe alternative to a hospital or clinic visit. Free parking, one-on-one professional screening with a powerful APP for your tablet or phone.

We have your back!  And the rest of your skin too. Intelligent Dermatology uses Artificial Intelligence to help detect changes in your skin. Total Body Photography with Dermoscopy with on-axis clinical images reviewed by academic dermatologists are now available to you in a safe and secure private office setting. Participate in our collaboration and you get the latest technology, expert reports, and you can share your images and results with any doctor anywhere in the world! Cloud technology is secure and we will connect your doctor to our workstation for free!

Smart Snap for SDDI

See the Published Paper Here

Become a "Skin Checker"

Anyone can take charge of their skin health today

Participants help their doctors find skin cancer early

$99 (Includes MoleScope APP)

Total Body Photography

Image, Map, Track, find changes
Total Exam Time: 15 minutes

$249 includes Total Body Photography, MoleScope APP, Signed Report from Academic Dermatologists

Advanced Skin Cancer Screening

Private Appointment - 30 Minutes
Intensive Skin Cancer Screening (ISCS) requires more images, please allow 60 minutes)

Check your skin, add images

MoleScope APP

Easily locate your images and compare in the privacy of your home. Take images and send for Teledermatology consults. Our doctors can see your file to provide you with overnight advice for only $18 per image

Invite your doctor to try

DermEngine  A.I.

No Charge when your doctor uses our powerful workstation to perform simple checks that may eliminate the surgical biopsy

Powerful and Secure Cloud 

You control your file

You check for changes, you choose the doctor to consult, you share your file securely

New Price - Only $299

Intensive Skin Cancer Screening

If you have dysplastic nevi syndrome (more than ten moles that need dermoscopy) you need the "ISCS". Includes dermoscopy of all atypical nevi and the added review time by the academic dermatologists.

Help us help you

Employee skin cancer screening is available now


Improve morale when you sponsor a skin cancer screening benefit that shows you care. Deduct the costs as a health benefit.
When skin cancer is detected early, the cost to surgically remove the lesion is under $1K
Early detection may save the life of a valuable employee and save millions!

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Use the MoleScope APP to find skin cancer at the earliest possible time. Your images are reviewed by experts and you maintain control over your file. Now, you can share the report with images with any local doctor and we will help them to reduce biopsies and improve the detection of melanoma in-situ by 50%! 

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Local Support

Your employees can register online and schedule their ASCS at a convenient local office for a private screening. DermDetect will provide you with the tools to educate your employees on Intelligent Dermatology. Teledermatology is one click with the APP and your baseline study provides the reader with all the images so they can provide you with the best treatment advice.

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Advanced Skin Cancer Screening (ASCS)

ASCS is pain-free and takes only 15-30 minutes including Full Body Imaging (FBI) with A.I. to help find changes in size, shape, color, or most suspicious of all, a new spot!

Learn all about the ASCS here

Your dermoscopy images are reviewed by an academic dermatologist at OHSU

Secure access to a powerful workstation so only your doctors and you can see your skin images

The most advanced web-based solution and you control it on an APP

OHSU uses color-codes to identify lesions for follow-up. Not a diagnosis

You are a participant for a reason! The academic dermatologists at OHSU will assign a color to each spot. Use the 3D Avatar to locate a spot and then click on it to see the clinical image next to the dermoscopy image. Note the color of the spot. Green = Routine Follow-up. The other colors have meaning too.

RED = Immediate attention

Green (normal annual follow-up); Orange (virtual biopsy with reflectance confocal microscopy, or short term 3-4 week dermatoscopy follow-up); Red (immediate attention from a healthcare provider is recommended – e.g., physical biopsy(shave/punch)); Black (lesion was already removed but remains in the history); and Blue (lesion image quality is insufficient and needs to be retaken).


What does it mean?

Double-check with your doctor before they biopsy

If you have any spot that has been color-coded "RED" you need to see your local medical professional as soon as possible. Most appointments are 2-6 weeks after the ASCS.
DermDetect will help train your doctor to use "SmartSnap" on the DermEngine workstation. In only 1-2 minutes they can capture a new image of the RED spot and look for changes with you. Side-by-side or using the "Flicker" with overlay makes it easy to see if the lesion has changed. No change may delay a biopsy! If you see the change it confirms the need to have one now!

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Double-check is SDDI~

Sequential Digital Dermoscopy Imaging is SDDI and you can only do it when you have had the ASCS. Double-check is performed by your doctor prior to their decision to biopsy. 
Look for change the easy way with the powerful DermEngine "Intelligent Dermatology" workstation.
DermDetect will give your doctor training and access for FREE. (You paid the cost with the ASCS!)
Now during your next visit, you and your doctor can look for changes together in only a few minutes!
The literature says that you can have melanocytic cells and if they are stable or not growing, you may be able to leave it alone. 
Obviously, if you see change, do something. Your doctor will love ASCS with "Double-check". 

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DermEngine is powered by DermDetect with Certified Dermographers

Intelligent dermatology imaging, documentation, and analysis of skin conditions

Intelligent Dermatology

Any smartphone or tablet

3D Avatar

Map your moles with 3D

Dermographers examines your skin and capture images

Full Daylight Spectrum Lighting

Your privacy is paramount

Undergarments always!

Skin Cancer Screening for all

70% of skin cancer is found by the patient!

APP included

Monitor your images made easy!

Meet our team

Dermographers have been trained by our academic dermatologists to screen you for suspicious spots and take high-resolution images of your skin and manage the DermEngine so that they can color-code and your doctor can improve your care.

ASCS is Not a Diagnosis - It is a medical record

Terri Perry

Dermographer - Oregon

Retired Navy Corpsman - 20 years distinguished service - now focused on your care and positive outcomes!

Martine Findleton

Dermographer - California

I will carefully check your skin and take high-resolution digital images for our academic dermatologist to review.

Debbie Smith

Dermographer - Florida

Melanoma took my father.  I am determined to save lives with early detection!

Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D.

Co-founder of the ASCS

Thank you for training our dermographers!

Alexander Witkowski, MD, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Director, Skin Cancer Imaging

The virtual biopsy is now available at OHSU thanks to Sancy Leachman, MD, Ph.D.

Lawrence Findleton

President - Co-founder DermDetect

We all deserve access to the very best technology and people. Together we can reduce the mortality and morbidity rates or skin cancer in the USA.

Neil Box, Ph.D.

Clinical Advisor - Colorado

A lifetime commitment to reducing melanoma mortality and morbidity.

Rob Schumacher

COO - Co-founder DermDetect

Experienced is point-of-care services that connect the experts to the people and places that need it most.


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